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NaughtyNice Massage London
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Female, Bisexual, London

Sensual massage in London by female masseuse

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Female, Bisexual, Gatwick

Come relax in great hands…

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JimJam Massage New York
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Male, Bisexual, New York

Awakening Harmony Through the Art of Touch.

Yoni Sensual swimming workingout
rubensabreumt Massage London


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Sensual Yoni Massage for Women and Couples

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Stephanie Massage London
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Female, Straight, London

Looking to tease and have fun

Yoni B2B Dark tantra Lingam Nuru

What is yoni?

Only phoneys don't massage the yoni.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that refers to the female genitalia and is often used in the context of tantra and other spiritual practices. As a Sensuali experience, Yoni often refers to Yoni massage, otherwise known as a vulva massage. This a type of sensual or erotic massage that is specifically focused on the genital area of a person with a vulva, often with the intention of providing pleasure, relaxation, and connection.


What makes it hot?

What many find arousing about yoni massage is the emphasis on sensual exploration, relaxation, and the celebration of female pleasure. The massage is often performed with a combination of various techniques, including gentle touch, kneading, and stimulating the erogenous zones. The goal is not only physical arousal but also to create a deeply connected and mindful experience between the giver and receiver. 



Obtain informed consent: Ensure that all participants are fully informed about what the yoni massage entails and provide explicit, ongoing consent throughout the session.

Communication: Maintain open and clear communication throughout the massage. Encourage the recipient to express their preferences, comfort levels, and boundaries. Use verbal and non-verbal cues to gauge their comfort.

Create a safe environment: Prepare a safe and comfortable space for the massage, with considerations for privacy, temperature, lighting, and cleanliness. Make sure there are no interruptions.

Hygiene: Prioritise personal hygiene and cleanliness. Ensure that your hands and any tools or toys used are clean and sanitised.

Awareness of physical responses: Be attuned to the recipient's physical and emotional responses. Adjust your touch and techniques accordingly to ensure their comfort and pleasure.



Assume consent: Never assume consent. Consent should be freely given and can be withdrawn at any time during the session.

Ignore boundaries: Respect the recipient's boundaries and comfort levels. Do not push them to engage in any activity or touch that they are not comfortable with.

Use excessive pressure: Refrain from using excessive pressure, particularly in sensitive areas. The goal is to provide pleasure and relaxation, not discomfort or pain.

Focus solely on genitalia: While the primary focus of a yoni massage is the genital area, don't neglect the recipient's entire body. Incorporate full-body massage and touch to enhance relaxation and connection.

Yoni massage aims to promote relaxation, enhance pleasure, and foster a deep connection between the giver and receiver. It's often viewed as a holistic approach to female sensuality.

While physical pleasure is a significant aspect, yoni massage also emphasises emotional and sensual connection, creating a mindful and intimate experience.

Ideally, those engaging in yoni massage should have open communication, trust, and mutual consent. Paying for a yoni massage from a trained professional will ensure that you have a legitimate experience.

The top 5 benefits of sensual massage

The top 5 benefits of sensual massage

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Tuesday 3 October 2023

What is a vulva massage ?

What is a vulva massage ?

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Monday 31 July 2023

Interview with a Yoni Massage Hobbyist

Interview with a Yoni Massage Hobbyist

I sat down with a friend to talk all things yoni massage. We cover yoni massage protocols, the importance of consent, and how yoni massage can be used to foster intimacy and build trust in relationships.

Friday 2 September 2022