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Female, 42, Bisexual
Gatwick UK

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I am a naturally relaxed person, described as the Queen of serene by some.
The world of massage has been beckoning me for a number of years. Thanks to a friend who trained in holistic massage I was introduced to the basics before graduating later on. I held a position in private healthcare before training in massage. This has given me an appreciation for how hectic modern life can be. There has never been a day that I have regretted my move to becoming a masseuse.
Massage is not my only skill. I have always been adept with my hands and I am a quality seamstress as well as having a natural bent for artistic pursuits.
My hands understand emotions and let them guide me in healing sessions. Through studying a number of massage techniques including craniosacral therapy I have gleaned an appreciation for the human body that runs far deeper than my scientific degree based training.

Tantra found me in Australia! I was asked to be a regular massage demonstration model. In chatting with the instructor about spiritual beliefs and energy work he told me about his Tantric body work.
Since then I have attended a number of Tantric workshops and events and noticed how the teachings vary globally along with the various interpretations. There are many misconceptions around Tandra and some people are disappointed to find out the sexual element accounts for only a tiny proportion of the energy work. In reality the groundwork takes a lifetime (or more) to cover and hone.

Some are confused by the difference between Tantric massage and Tantric sex. Deep at the core of each is an awakening of the sexual\spiritual energy and an aim to achieve a balance deep within. My personal opinion is that Tantric sex should be practised with a special partner as a deep, connected bond is built within the experience. Personally this energy is too special and intense for me to share, but within a message scenario I channel, utilise, and gift the energy from my heart and solar plexus rather than my root chakra.

My aim is to leave you feeling relaxed, comfortable, inwardly satiated, and balanced, without guilt, or overly charged latent sexual energy. Oh, and in case you are worried about having a hippy dippy massage, don’t worry, I keep my views to myself and leave you to lay back and enjoy a superb relaxation experience.

More about Francesca

Female(She/Her) , Bisexual
My experiences are for Couple, Female, Gender fluid, Intersex, Male, Non Binary, Trans
Current location: Gatwick UK
42 years old
I speak English
160 cm
Busty, Slim
No Party
A few Piercings
No Tattoos

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