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Tantric massage for women and couples

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Sensual Yoni Massage for Women and Couples

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Come relax in great hands…

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Looking to tease and have fun

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Sexy black female interested in everything. Married cougar seeking thrills

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High end dominating extreme tease masseuse. Years of experience in long, sensual deep tissue/swedish/traditional Swedish massage with sexually fulfilling results.

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Sensual massage in London by female masseuse

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Awakening Harmony Through the Art of Touch.

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Happy Ending

What is happy ending?

Happy endings don't just belong in fairy tales.

A 'happy ending' in FBSM refers to the completion of a massage session with a sexual release (orgasm) typically in the form of manual stimulation otherwise known as a hand job. It is often associated with erotic or sensual massage services where the practitioner provides additional sexual gratification to the client beyond the therapeutic aspects of the massage. 

What makes it hot?

The concept of a happy ending massage is considered arousing to some individuals due to the fusion of therapeutic touch with sexual gratification. The combination of sensual and intimate massage techniques contributes to heightened arousal, and the anticipation of a pleasurable release can intensify the overall erotic experience. The element of taboo and the intimate nature of the massage can evoke a sense of excitement and pleasure for those seeking such services.

A happy ending massage typically involves the intentional inclusion of sexual release as part of the sensual experience, setting it apart from other forms of intimate or sensual massages that may focus solely on non-sexual pleasure.

Clear communication with the practitioner about personal preferences, boundaries, and expectations is essential. Creating a comfortable atmosphere and expressing needs openly contributes to a more enjoyable experience.

Yes, the specifics of what constitutes a happy ending can vary based on individual preferences and agreements. It may involve manual stimulation, but communication beforehand is crucial to ensure mutual understanding.


Clearly communicate boundaries: Establish clear boundaries and communicate your expectations with the practitioner before the session.

Respect the practitioner: Treat the massage therapist with respect and professionalism, understanding that they are providing a service within agreed-upon terms.

Practice hygiene: Prioritise personal hygiene to ensure a comfortable experience for both you and the massage therapist.


Assume consent: Never assume that sexual services are automatically included. Clearly discuss and agree upon the scope of the massage beforehand.

Pressure or coerce: Respect the boundaries of a sensual masseuse and never pressure or coerce them into providing services beyond what was agreed upon.

Forget about discretion: Maintain discretion about the nature of the massage, recognising that happy ending massages often involve a level of confidentiality.