Putting pleasure in the slow cooker.



Male, Straight, Lincoln UK

**To be completed soon** Dominant Skilled in using words, toys, pain and edging/orgasm control.

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Francesca Edging Gatwick
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Massage & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Gatwick UK

Come relax in great hands…

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Male, Straight, Antwerp BE

Discover your boundries. Set your soul free. Reach core orgasms and let yourself go.

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galavanting Edging Sydney



Female, Queer, Sydney AU

I'm a queer woman with 20 years' experience in the sexuality field, working across adult film production and performance, sugaring, BDSM service provision, sexuality education, advocacy, and writing. I currently provide BDSM services and support others to cultivate practices of BDSM, hedonism, and somatics as the founder and director of Hedon House, with locations in Sydney and Melbourne. While my hard BDSM skills have been developed over the last 12 years through BDSM education, a traditional House apprenticeship, and thousands of hours of personal and professional play, my soft skills and my deep understanding of the use of body-based practices as tools for liberation, sublimation and self-exploration are what defines my practice. I am highly skilled at supporting others to help define exactly what they want to receive and how they'd like to receive it. To achieve this, I use a combination of verbal consultation, consent containers, lines of somatic inquiry, sensory experimentation, and a sharp read on your energetic and physical presentation in every moment (or communicating with you where that's not possible). I can play with or without protocol, power exchange, or roleplay. Sometimes BDSM play is psychodrama, and other times it's a body-based practice. Sometimes it's both. We work together to discover and cultivate the best possible conditions for your surrender, and I facilitate session content within that container. I am a one-way practitioner; this means that I'm the giver and you're the receiver. This being said, you'll get the most out of our time together when you bring your full self and clear intentions to our play. I provide services to people of all genders and sexualities, and have experience providing gender-affirming services to people on the spectrum of trans experience. I have also completed the Touching Base PDAT training and am able to adapt to different physical abilities, sensory needs and other access requirements. My ethics and politics our queer, and this will be in the room with us when we play, regardless of your gender identity. I currently practice on the lands of the Gadigal people in so-called Sydney and the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi-wurring people in so-called Melbourne. I session primarily from my lovingly-crafted, comfortable and well-equipped Hedon House locations, but am open to providing services from other locations for those with access restrictions that preclude the use of either space.

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saintvalentine Edging Denver
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Female, Sapiosexual, Denver CO US

Let me indulge you in your erotic fantasies. Devote to me and I will unveil your true purpose -my ultimate pleasure.

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Otto Edging London
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Male, Gay, London UK

God gave me an experience beyond limits. Your pain is my pleasure.

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VienneVandeut Edging Manchester



Female, Bisexual, Manchester UK

Come and say Hello to my beautiful, tiny feet.

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AgentIda Edging London
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Female, Straight, London UK

Ready to punish you and use you as my plaything

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What is edging?

What is edging?

Putting pleasure in the slow cooker.

Edging, in a sexual context, refers to the practice of intentionally delaying orgasm or climax during sexual activity. It involves bringing oneself or one's partner close to the point of orgasm and then purposefully slowing down or stopping stimulation to prolong the experience.

What makes it hot?

Heightened sensation: Edging involves building up sexual tension and pleasure, intensifying sensations and making the eventual climax more powerful.

Exploration of control: It allows individuals or couples to explore control over arousal and orgasm, creating a more mindful and deliberate approach to sexual pleasure.

Enhanced intimacy: Edging often involves clear communication and understanding between partners, fostering a deeper connection and shared exploration of each other's desires and boundaries.

No, edging can be enjoyed by individuals with various preferences. It's a versatile practice that can enhance pleasure for a broad range of people.

Yes, practicing edging may contribute to improved sexual stamina over time by increasing awareness of arousal levels and allowing for better control.

When done consensually and with communication, edging is generally safe. However, it's important to be attentive to your partner's comfort and to avoid pushing boundaries without clear communication.

Meet the Gooning King: erotic content creator JV Marx

Meet the Gooning King: erotic content creator JV Marx

Drew JV Marx
Co-authored by Drew & JV Marx

Friday 19 July 2024

'I remember getting really hot in the face, and being surprised that like, wow guys can do that together?'  Here to take us on a journey into your deleted internet search history and educate us on gooning is seasoned erotic content creator,artist and writer, JV Marx. 

Edging: the excitement in restraint

Edging: the excitement in restraint

Posted by Iso

Thursday 31 August 2023

Edging is a common sexual practice in today's increasingly open society. Kinkcurious? Here's what you need to know.


Communication is key: Clearly communicate with your partner about your interest in edging. Discuss boundaries, comfort levels, and establish a safe word if needed.

Take your time: Edging is about pacing and prolonging pleasure. Take your time, savour the sensations, and enjoy the journey rather than rushing to the destination.

Encourage feedback: Encourage open communication and feedback during the experience. Check in with your partner to ensure that they are comfortable and enjoying the process.


Disregarding boundaries: Always respect agreed-upon boundaries. If a partner indicates discomfort or the need to stop, immediately cease the edging activity to ensure a positive and consensual experience.

Focus solely on genital stimulation: Explore different forms of stimulation beyond just genital touch. Engage in a variety of sensual activities to enhance the overall experience.

Skip emotional check-ins: Edging can be an emotionally charged experience. Avoid neglecting emotional aspects by checking in with your partner about their feelings, desires, and any potential emotional responses.

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