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Come relax in great hands…

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Looking to tease and have fun

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Sexy black female interested in everything. Married cougar seeking thrills

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Sensual massage in London by female masseuse

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Tantric goddess meets sophisticated city woman

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I am an Ayurvedic body worker that weaves elements of my own mestizo background.

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What is lingam?

Even dicks deserve a massage.

In the context of massage and sexuality, the term lingam refers to the male genitalia and is often associated with erotic or tantric massage practices. A lingam massage focuses on providing sensual and pleasurable touch to the penis, incorporating various massage techniques to enhance pleasure, relaxation, and intimacy.

What makes it hot?

Lingam involves a focused and skilled touch to a highly sensitive area, creating intense sensations and pleasure. The massage promotes relaxation and mindfulness, allowing the recipient to connect with their own body and experience heightened states of pleasure. Additionally, the emphasis on the journey of arousal and pleasure, rather than solely on the end goal, contributes to a more mindful and holistic erotic experience.

While orgasm can be a part of lingam massage, the emphasis is on the overall experience of pleasure, relaxation, and connection.

No, lingam massage can be enjoyed by individuals or couples. It's important to establish clear boundaries and communication, regardless of the relationship dynamics.

The duration of a lingam massage session can vary, but it often lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. The focus is on creating a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere.

Tantric bodywork sessions: meet The Tantric Woman

Posted by Iso

Sunday 29 October 2023

Sensuali chatted to The Tantric Woman, aka Jo, the sex coach and tantric bodyworker based in London. We talked about helping men connect with their body rather than their mind, self-sourcing our own pleasure, and how we can shift societal attitudes towards sensuality and away from derogatory sex.


Communicate clearly: Open and clear communication between the giver and receiver is essential to ensure comfort, consent, and an understanding of preferences.

Use lubrication: Using a suitable, body-safe lubricant enhances the sensual experience and prevents discomfort during the massage.

Focus on breath and relaxation: Both the giver and receiver should focus on deep breathing and relaxation techniques to enhance the overall experience and connection.


Rush: Lingam massage is about the journey, not just the destination. Avoid rushing the process and allow time for arousal to naturally unfold.

Ignore consent: Always respect the boundaries and preferences of the recipient. Check in regularly to ensure they are comfortable and consenting to the experience.

Forget aftercare: After the massage, engage in a period of aftercare that involves gentle touch, reassurance, and emotional connection to support the well-being of both individuals.