When my body massages your body.

SwedishViking B2B London
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Male, Straight, London UK

Get a luxurious massage by 27yo Swedish Viking

B2B 4 hands FBSM Happy Ending
Francesca B2B Gatwick
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Massage & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Gatwick UK

Come relax in great hands…

B2B Body sliding Edging FBSM Nuru
Roryropes B2B Dunstable
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BDSM & Content creator

Male, Bisexual, Dunstable UK

Shibari rigger, educator, & performer (With a little mean streak for those that like it)

B2B Bondage Impact play kinbaku
JeromeBrown B2B London
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Male, Straight, London UK

The one and only, Jerome Brown from Yoni Massage London

B2B Cunnilingus Erotic Extras
vinavalencia B2B Orange
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Female, Straight, Orange CA US

Your Favorite Sweetheart! ❤️

B2B Deep throat Fingering Nuru
rubensabreumt B2B London


Massage & Content creator

Male, Straight, London UK

Sensual Yoni Massage for Women and Couples

B2B 4 hands FBSM Happy Ending
Stephanie B2B London
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Female, Straight, London UK

Looking to tease and have fun

B2B Dark tantra Happy Ending
trevorjames B2B Los Angeles



Male, Gay, Los Angeles CA US

A man’s touch for men

B2B 4 hands Happy Ending Lingam


Massage & Content creator

Male, Pansexual, Los Angeles CA US

Hi! I'm a Tantra and sex coach based in Los Angeles. I mainly teach people through video, how to give and receive more pleasure. My style is practical and straight forward, as well as highly erotic and explicit. My videos teach many of the things he feels we should have been taught as young men, about our cock’s function and pleasure. The videos offer step by step instruction on how to build a  sensuous connection with yourself and then how to seamlessly blend these techniques into partnered intimacy. In person, I offer massage therapy, escort services and naked yoga instruction. Combining my experience as a yoga instructor and personal trainer to offer workouts designed specifically for the muscles you use most while having sex. The best part of my day is taking excellent care of my clients ❤️

B2B 4 hands Happy Ending Lingam
Massageforwomen B2B London
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Male, Straight, London UK

Sensual, erotic tease

B2B FBSM Happy Ending Lingam Nuru
lola20001 B2B London
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Massage & Content creator

Female, Straight, London UK

❤️ About me: My name is Lola, youthful and very skilled tantric therapist, 23 years old and experienced. I’m an Asian girl with luxurious soft skin, green eyes, blond hair and weet pouty lips, slim with 5’4 high, all natural. I’m confidence I’m definitely beautful and friendly. You will get the professional massage and ultimate relaxation. 🌟Left with joy, sleep like a baby at night.🌟 ❤️Services provided in center London(5mins from Bond Station) incall & outcall for: - Relaxing/Deep Tissue Massage - Tantric Massage - Body to Body Massage - Nuru Massage - Dinner Date - BDSM(5%)/Role Play - More Skills are learnning... -I believe in creating a genuine connection with mutual chemistry allowing for a splendid experience which we can both enjoy.🫶🏻 Message me to book

B2B FBSM Happy Ending Lingam Nuru
SweetAngel B2B London


Massage & Content creator

Female, Bicurious, London UK

Hello my most beloved and tender friends!!! 💖💖💖💖💖 I am Sweet Angel 💋💋💋and I want to please you and give you the most gentle and sensual massage for the whole body. I will also give you unforgettable pleasure from my hands and from my beautiful slender body, you will forget all your burdensome difficulties and plunge into the world of love, affection and tenderness. I also know many massage techniques - sports, Swedish, relaxing, wellness and my favorite massage, a massage with a happy ending! Try it and you will get great pleasure and impression. I am also a very clean and self-care girl, you will be very calm and pleasant in my presence! Lovers of domination should try to spend time with me, since my domination is just what you need! Please contact by phone number, messenger and whatsapp. 07393600560 With love Sweet Angel!!!💖💖💖💖💖

B2B 4 hands Book FBSM Lingam Nuru
What is B2B?

What is B2B?

When my body massages your body.

A 'B2B massage' typically refers to a 'body-to-body massage'. In this type of massage, the massage therapist uses their own body, often their hands, forearms, or other body parts, to massage the recipient, often using oil to slide smoothly against them. 

What makes it hot?

A B2B massage is often considered exciting due to the heightened sensory experience it offers. The direct physical contact between the massage therapist's body and the recipient's body can create a more intimate and pleasurable sensation. The use of hands, forearms, and other body parts in the massage techniques adds an element of sensuality, contributing to a unique and stimulating experience. 

While B2B massages may have sensual elements, their nature can vary. It's important to communicate with the therapist beforehand to ensure mutual understanding and consent regarding the level of sensuality or eroticism involved.

Prepare by communicating your preferences and any specific areas you'd like the therapist to focus on. During the session, expect direct physical contact as the therapist uses their body for massage, creating a unique and potentially pleasurable experience.

B2B massage techniques can vary, and therapists may incorporate different styles, pressures, and movements. It's worthwhile to discuss your preferences and expectations with the therapist before the session to ensure alignment.


Communicate boundaries: Clearly communicate your boundaries and preferences with the massage therapist before the session begins. This includes specifying areas you are comfortable with or want to avoid.

Establish consent: Ensure that both you and the massage therapist have a clear understanding of the type of massage you are seeking, and that there is mutual consent for the session.

Discuss pressure and techniques: Communicate your preferences regarding the pressure and techniques used during the massage. Different individuals have different preferences, so open communication is key.

Hygiene: Prioritise personal hygiene before the session to ensure a comfortable experience for both you and the massage therapist.

Relax and breathe: Try to relax during the massage. Deep breathing can enhance the effectiveness of the massage and contribute to a more enjoyable experience.

Provide feedback: If something feels uncomfortable or if you would like a change in pressure, don't hesitate to provide feedback to the massage therapist. They are there to ensure your comfort.

Respect the therapist: Treat the massage therapist with respect. They are professionals providing a service, and any inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable.


Assume extras: Do not assume that a B2B massage includes explicit or sexual services. Always clarify the nature and boundaries of the massage beforehand.

Withhold information: Be transparent about any health conditions, allergies, or concerns you may have. This information helps the therapist tailor the experience to your needs.

Rushing: Allow yourself time before and after the massage for relaxation. Rushing into or out of a B2B massage can diminish its effectiveness.

Excessive talking: While some conversation is normal, excessive talking during the massage may disrupt the relaxation experience. Find a balance that works for you.

Pressure the therapist: Respect the therapist's professional boundaries. Pressuring them for services beyond the agreed-upon scope is inappropriate.

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