French kissing

These kisses wear berets.

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What is french kissing?

What is french kissing?

These kisses wear berets.

French kissing, also known as soul kissing, is an intimate and passionate form of kissing characterised by the exchange of open-mouthed kisses, involving the intermingling of tongues. This type of kissing goes beyond the traditional lip-to-lip contact and often serves as a deeper expression of affection and desire. It involves synchronised movements of the tongues and creates a heightened sense of intimacy between partners. French kissing is considered a more sensual and profound form of kissing that is commonly associated with romantic and sexual interactions.

What makes it hot?

French kissing has the ability to engage multiple senses simultaneously. The exchange of breath and saliva creates a visceral connection, while the intertwining of tongues intensifies the physical and emotional closeness between partners. The close proximity, combined with the taste and texture of the kiss, enhances arousal and desire. 

While preferences vary, many individuals find French kissing enjoyable as it enhances intimacy and connection.

There's no universal 'right' way; it's about mutual comfort and communication between partners.

Yes, cultural attitudes toward kissing, including French kissing, can vary widely. It's important to be mindful of cultural norms and individual preferences.


Hygiene: Good oral hygiene contributes to a more enjoyable kissing experience.

Start gradually: Begin with gentle and slow movements, allowing the intensity of the kiss to develop naturally.

Use your hands thoughtfully: Incorporate gentle touches or caresses to enhance the overall experience.



Rush the rhythm: Allow the kiss to flow naturally, avoiding abrupt or rushed movements.

Forget to be mindful of your partner's comfort: Pay attention to your partner's cues and be responsive to their comfort level throughout the experience.

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And God created orgies.

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