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What is sapiosexual?

Your brain is turning me on.

Sapiosexual refers to an individual who finds intelligence, intellect, and mental connection to be the primary factors in experiencing sexual attraction. Somebody who identifies as sapiosexual on their Sensuali profile might find a person's intellect, wit, and ability to engage in meaningful conversations are more compelling and arousing than physical attributes. 

What makes it hot?

Sapiosexuals might be into stimulating conversations, engaging debates, and the display of intelligence and knowledge are key factors. This ability to connect with someone on an intellectual level is a significant source of attraction, leading to a deeper and more fulfilling sexual experience. This desire for the mind can often create sincere connections that potentially last longer than relationships that are more influenced by physical attraction.

While intellect is the primary factor, some level of physical attraction may still be present. However, the mental connection remains paramount.

No, educational background alone is not the determining factor. Sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence, which is ultimately subjective and can manifest in various forms.

Yes a sapiosexual can also identify as any other sexuality such as bisexual or heterosexual.

Am I a Sapiosexual?

Posted by Drew

Thursday 4 January 2024

Intelligence often comes up top on people’s most attractive list. But what is Sapiosexuality, and does braininess actually get you going?


Engage in meaningful conversations: Sapiosexuals appreciate stimulating conversations. Ask questions and engage in discussions that allow for the exchange of ideas.

Be authentic: Be genuine and authentic in your interactions. Sapiosexuals value sincerity, and authenticity contributes to the depth of connection.

Be open to learning: Demonstrating a willingness to learn and engage in new ideas shows humility and open mindedness, qualities that many sapiosexuals appreciate in a potential partner.



Underestimate the power of words: Avoid trivial or superficial conversations. Sapiosexuals find depth in language and meaningful expression.

Pretend to be something you're not: Be true to yourself. Sapiosexuals appreciate authenticity and can sense when someone is not genuine.

Attempt physical intimacy too soon: A sapiosexual is going to be a lot more attracted once they feel they know your mind a little more, so don't dive straight into the action.