My happy place is my sub space.

Elizabeth_24 Submission Manchester
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Trans, Lesbian, Manchester UK

Your favourite Trans Bunny Girl Up and down for basically anything ;)

Submission Art model Bondage



Male, Straight, Lincoln UK

**To be completed soon** Dominant Skilled in using words, toys, pain and edging/orgasm control.

Submission Domination Edging
Frayed_knots_ Submission London


BDSM & Content creator

Male, Queer, London UK

Let me show you the ropes

Submission Bondage Chastity Rope
benrussell Submission Vienna
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Escort & Content creator

Non Binary, Bisexual, Vienna AT

Queering sex is what I do. You wanna join?

Submission Couples Domination DP
vivienneveinne Submission London



Female, Bisexual, London UK

Sensual Pro Dom

Submission Bondage Chastity



Male, Sapiosexual, St Albans UK

Explore your fantasies- I will guide you

Submission Bondage Domination
MsGeminex Submission Phoenix
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BDSM & Content creator

Female, Demisexual, Phoenix AZ US

Seductive in My ways to tease, torment and train submissive little pets. Traveling often. FMTY & in-calls.

Submission Bondage Chastity



Male, Straight, Antwerp BE

Discover your boundries. Set your soul free. Reach core orgasms and let yourself go.

Submission Bondage Dilatation
Scarlett Submission London


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London UK

Sex educator + sensual switch

Submission Bondage Domination
Feralfemme Submission Swansea



Female, Queer, Swansea UK

A fiery feral redhead that loves to capture filth on film📸

Submission Bondage Domination
JDLumbersnack Submission Poole



Male, Pansexual, Poole UK

I'm the big guy

Submission Bondage Cupping Taboo



Male, Straight, Portland ME US

I have been in the lifestyle for 10 years now. My wife and I practice ENM. I am a pleasure Dom with a firm hand and an insatiable knack for getting my partners off.

Submission Domination Spanking
What is submission?

What is submission?

My happy place is my sub space.

In a sexual context, submission refers to the consensual act of willingly yielding control, authority, or power to a dominant partner. It involves engaging in activities, rituals, or dynamics that emphasise the power imbalance between the submissive and dominant individuals.

Submission is often a key element in BDSM practices, and it can encompass a range of activities, from physical restraint to psychological surrender, all within the framework of negotiated and consensual boundaries. The submissive party derives pleasure from surrendering and following the commands or desires of the dominant partner.

What makes it hot?

The idea of submission can be arousing for various reasons. Firstly, it taps into power dynamics, creating a sense of vulnerability and surrender that can intensify the erotic experience. The act of giving up control can evoke feelings of trust, intimacy, and heightened sensations.

Additionally, submission allows individuals to explore their desires and boundaries, providing a structured and consensual space to push personal limits and experience new facets of pleasure. The arousal may also stem from the psychological and emotional aspects of surrender, where the submissive finds pleasure in fulfilling the desires of the dominant partner.

Yes, submission can be consensual and part of various relationship dynamics, including those characterised by love, trust, and equality. It's about exploring shared desires within agreed-upon boundaries.

While submission often involves sexual activities, it can extend beyond the sexual realm. Some individuals may engage in non-sexual forms of submission, such as service-oriented tasks or rituals.

Communication is key. Clearly discuss desires, limits, and expectations with a partner. Start with less intense activities and gradually explore, prioritising ongoing consent and safety.


Establish clear communication: Open and honest communication is essential in establishing boundaries, expectations, and consent when engaging in submissive activities.

Prioritise aftercare: After engaging in submissive activities, prioritize aftercare to provide emotional and physical support to the submissive partner. This can include reassurance, cuddling, and checking in on emotional well-being.

Regularly check in: Regularly check in with both partners to ensure ongoing consent and comfort. Consent is dynamic and can be withdrawn at any time, so clear communication is key.


Neglect safety: Safety should always be a priority. Avoid activities that pose unnecessary risks, and establish safe words or signals to communicate discomfort or the need to stop.

Assume consent for all activities: Consent is specific to each activity. Just because someone consents to one form of submission doesn't mean they consent to all activities. Clearly negotiate and communicate desires and limits.

Rush the process: Submission is a gradual exploration. Avoid rushing into intense activities without proper communication, understanding, and consent. Take the time to build trust and explore gradually.

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