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What is anal?

Ass-tronomical sensations only.

Anal sex is sexual activity that involves penetrating the anus. A slang term used for it (often by sex workers) is A-levels. 

What makes it hot?

Some people find the sensation of anal more exciting than vaginal penetration. For the both the giver and the receiver, it can sometimes feel more intense physically. Mentally, it can also feel more risqué, which also brings an element of excitement.

When done with care, communication, and proper preparation, anal play can be safe. Use lubrication, start slowly, and prioritise comfort.


Pleasure varies from person to person, but many individuals of all genders and orientations find anal play pleasurable when approached with care and communication.

Yes, engaging in anal play can foster a deeper understanding of one's body, enhance communication with partners, and contribute to overall sexual well-being.


Communication: Openly communicate with your partner about your desires, concerns, and boundaries before engaging in any anal exploration.

Consent: Obtain clear and enthusiastic consent from all parties involved. Consent is ongoing, and it can be withdrawn at any time.

Lubrication: Use plenty of high-quality water-based or silicone-based lubricant. The anus doesn't self-lubricate like the vagina, so lubrication is crucial for comfort.

Start slow: Begin with smaller objects, fingers, or toys, and progress gradually to larger sizes as comfort and relaxation increase.

Relaxation: Ensure the person receiving anal play is relaxed. Engage in activities, such as foreplay, that promote relaxation and arousal before attempting penetration.

Hygiene: Maintain good hygiene by cleaning the anal area thoroughly before engaging in any activities. A warm shower or using an enema can be helpful.

Safe toys: If using toys, ensure they have a flared base to prevent them from getting lost inside the rectum. Use toys specifically designed for anal play.



Rushing: Avoid rushing into anal activities. Take your time to ensure both partners are comfortable and ready.

Sharp objects: Avoid using objects with sharp edges or anything that could cause injury. Always choose safe, body-friendly toys designed for anal play.

Forcing: Never force penetration or engage in any activities without consent. If there is resistance or discomfort, stop immediately.

Numbing agents: Avoid using numbing agents. Pain is a signal, and numbing agents can mask discomfort, leading to potential injury.

Mixing anal and vaginal play without cleaning: If transitioning from anal to vaginal play, ensure proper cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria and infections.