If you know your way around the block a little, you might have discovered that many cis straight dudes go absolutely mental for a bit of facesitting. This fact tends to come as a surprise, as we often have pre-conceived ideas that the normie men want to be all rough, tough and on top during sex.

Facesitting is usually associated with BDSM, and in the context of straight interacts the typical face sitting dynamic is where a submissive man wants a dominant woman to sit on their face, and even smother them or explore breath play,  but it seems that the appeal of face sitting isn’t only reserved for the sub men. That’s why when your run-of-the-mill blokey bloke begs you to sit on his face it can be a little unexpected, and even daunting.

Women have been socially conditioned to be hyper-aware of their appearance even during times when they’re supposed to let go (ie during sex). The first thought on sitting on a dude’s face is often ‘How am I going to look doing that?’ or ‘What if I literally suffocate him?’ Women so used to making themselves small, it can be weird to suddenly be in such a position where the spotlight is totally on them.

So, what is it that seemingly makes the majority of men mad for facesitting? Let’s find out.



Increased intimacy

The facesitting experience is one of the most intimate sexual positions you can experience, especially as the person being sat on. When a woman  allows their partner’s face to be so close to the most private area of their body, it feels very trusting. This level on intimacy is pretty much on par with penetration, for some it’s even more intimate. So, when a guy is totally loved up, you can understand why they might  want to experience the intimate position that is facesitting with you.

Sensory Stimulation

Being close to a partner’s body in this way can provide unique sensory experiences that you don’t experience with penetration. With facesitting, you are so close to your partner- you smell, see, and feel their flesh and the weight of their body very intensely. You’re super surrounded, and this sensory aspect can be a huge turn on.

The appeal of a sexually liberated woman

Just because a guy is dominant, it doesn’t mean that they want you to be all shy and small during sex. Pretty much everyone likes to see their partner confident and liberated during sex, and because women can struggle with this, seeing a woman who isn’t afraid to let go is even more special when it happens. You can’t be much more liberated than when you’re riding your man’s face, and the pleasure is all yours. Facesitting is not just beautiful for you, it’s beautiful for a man to experience also.

Restriction of pleasure 

You might think the idea of someone getting more turned on by restraint is very submissive behaviour. But actually, it’s human nature to want something even more when we can’t get it. When you’re face sitting a guy and he can’t access his own pleasure, it makes him even more aroused.

Thighs, thighs, thighs

Men typically find the legs a very sexual part of the body. To be so closely between the thighs (closer than when you fuck, closer than when giving oral) can be a huge turn on, as well as comforting. Just as the breasts are arousing and thus  often interacted with during sex, the thighs are also, via the act of facesitting.

Less pressure, more enjoyment

When we give oral in the more typical way, we are often more active in the process. We are focused on our movement and sometimes we can’t help but wonder whether what we’re doing is good, and whether it’s arousing our partner. In other words, we feel a but of pressure which can sometimes overtake our own pleasure in the process.

With facesitting worry not! A man can take the back seat, and whilst his tongue is what is getting his girl going, she is the one moving and almost taking her pleasure. This gives room for a man to be more of an observer and feel aroused why what he’s experiencing.

Dreaming of facesitting?

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Cover art: ‘Face-Sitting Ecstasy’ by Ksenia Meiron. 

Face sitting



Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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