Everyone’s got kinks, even if not everyone would describe themselves as ‘kinky’.

What is a kink?

A kink is basically just a specific thing that gets you off. It’s the kind of porn you watch. It’s the thoughts that come into your mind just as you orgasm. 

Here at Sensuali, we aim to facilitate top notch experiences specifically curated to your kinks. 

Everyone’s got kinks, but not everyone knows it. So if you aren’t yet sure what floats your boat, here is where you can get to know. We’re all about unleashing your desires in a safe and welcoming space. 

These are the top 10 Sensuali kink experiences and what these kinks might feel like to those who are into them.


sensual top kink experiences


Mixed wrestling

Mixed wrestling, also known as session wrestling refers to a particular interest or attraction that some individuals have towards watching or participating in wrestling matches between people of different genders. This kink often involves a combination of physical dominance, power dynamics, and elements of wrestling.

James has always loved the idea of being physically overpowered. He remembers the unrivalled thrill of being 4 years old in the soft play running away from another 4 year old, who would eventually catch him and pin him down in a dark corner where nobody else could see. 

The cat and mouse kink has appealed to him ever since. He loves play-fighting, especially with somebody he knows is physically stronger than him, and who will eventually win. The breathless, half-playful, half-serious mood creates an intimacy like no other to him. He revels in the moment when they finally overpower him,  forcing their entire body weight on him, as he lays helpless and excited beneath them.

James is semi-aware of this kink, but it seems weird to bring it up to everyone who he becomes intimate with. He wants to experience it with someone who is just as into it as he is, and so he eventually seeks out a real sensualists, like Tanya who truly loves to wrestle. 



Pegging is a sexual activity in which a person wearing a strap-on dildo or harness penetrates their partner anally. It’s a way for people with vulvas to take on a traditionally “penetrative” role typically associated with individuals who have a penis.

Tom is as straight as an arrow. However, he has this kink of sorts. In short, Tom wants to be pegged. It all began when an ex of his played around with his g-spot area, where he felt more sensitivity than the other areas of his body combined.. He’s longed for the same sensation ever since. 

Whilst he’s not after a total dominatrix, he loves a woman who asserts her strength in her own way. He finds the taboo element of gender role reversal unspeakably hot, however he doesn’t know how to express it to the women he sleeps with and even when he does, most of them haven’t done it before and feel awkward about trying it out.

He soon realises he might be better off seeking out a sensual pro, who is not only experienced, but also takes pleasure in the same kink as he. 


Impact play

Impact play refers to a type of BDSM activity that involves consensual striking or hitting of the body for sexual pleasure and/or power exchange dynamics. This kink experience typically includes various forms of striking, such as spanking, flogging, paddling, caning, and whipping.

The sensation of having complete control over another person has always appealed to Mary. She especially revels in the idea of punishing someone. She loves the thought of being a traditional mistress, owning canes and whips and making her partners know who’s boss. 

She can’t get enough of the rush she feels from seeing the red marks she leaves on the flesh of those who wilfully ask for her to torture them. Not everyone she dates is into this, and she wants an experience with someone who not only gets off on being punished, but who is willing to pay to be punished. 



Roleplay refers to the act of assuming different characters or roles to engage in specific scenarios or fantasies. It involves acting out specific roles, often with the intention of creating a more immersive and exciting experience.

Si had this big-time crush on their class teacher back during their school years. Si has plenty of fun sex today, but nothing rocks their world more than the specific memory of this teacher in her blue nylons and tight pencil skirt. Si just wants, at least once, to live out their fantasy. 

They want someone who is willing to dress up like their teacher, and seduce them in the way they always imagined she would. But Si never wanted to offend any of their girlfriends by asking them to dress up as somebody else. Maybe finding a natural sensualist, who enjoys the element of performance, and who is well versed in roleplay and even sort of resembles this teacher- maybe that would be a better idea.



A full body sensual massage is a type of massage that encompasses the entire body, focusing on creating a pleasurable and intimate experience while stimulating the senses and promoting relaxation. It involves using various techniques and touch to provide sensual and erotic stimulation to all parts of the body.

Something about straight up penetrative sex always felt kind of sudden and clinical to May. She was always underwhelmed by her sexual experiences that often seemed so lacking in sensuality. For her, one of the most exciting parts of sex is the slow build up, the gradual movement of hands feeling across her body, together discovering sensations that feel good, but this rarely happens to the extent that she longs for. 

Even foreplay doesn’t quite do it for her. Her kink is a man who truly understands the art of seduction, who can teach her things about her own body and make her feel truly good, penetration isn’t actually important. 

She soon realises that the experience she has been longing for is not dissimilar to a sensual massage, but most of her Hinge dates in the over 50s category aren’t well versed in this area. She wants a muscular pro who can really unleash her desires. 


Chastity play

Chastity play, also known as orgasm denial or orgasm control, is a form of BDSM or kink experience that involves the restriction of sexual gratification and the control of orgasm for one or more participants. It typically revolves around the use of a chastity device, such as a chastity cage or belt, which is worn by the submissive partner to prevent sexual release or access to their genitals.

Have you ever been desperate to orgasm but your partner is oblivious to your needs and you’re left in a hellish blue-balls situ? To Megan, this actually sounds more like heaven than hell. Or some perfect perverted mix. Megan loves the feeling of humiliation and total lack of authority in the idea of not being allowed to feel pleasure. 

She seems submission right through to the end, to the point where even reaching orgasm should be forbidden. She gets off on the idea of a cold, heavy chastity belt locked around her hips whilst her partner teases the rest of her body and she writhes in desperation to release her excitement.

She doesn’t want to just whip out her chastity belt with every single Tinder bro she hooks up with, and she wonders if there was only a way to easily have sexual experiences with people who were truly into this kink as much as she was…



Cuckolding is a form of consensual non-monogamy or kink experience that involves one partner (often referred to as the “cuckold”) deriving pleasure from their partner (often referred to as the “hotwife” or “cuckoldress”) engaging in sexual activity with someone else, typically referred to as the “bull.” The cuckold may or may not be present during the sexual encounters.

Ali has always has an interesting relationship with the chase. He has often found that he goes for people who are flirtatious and love to make him jealous.

On one hand it makes him feel humiliated, but on the other hand he can’t get enough. He is very in love with his partner of 20 years, but now that things are a lot more comfortable, he longs for the excitement of his partner being out of reach, giving him that strange sensation of anger, humiliation and crazy lust.

While Ali and his partner have played around at swingers clubs, Ali is a private person and doesn’t feel comfortable with the open environment. Involving friends of theirs in this game feels too close to the bone- Ali wants to find an experienced and domineering bull who would be willing to take his partner right in front of him and all he can do is watch. 



A gagging kink refers to a sexual interest or attraction to the act of gagging or being gagged during sexual activities. It typically involves the use of gags or similar objects to restrict or partially obstruct the mouth, leading to a sense of discomfort, limited speech, or reduced ability to swallow.

You know those people who always push themselves right to the limit? They seem to almost get off on the feeling of being overwhelmed. That’s Ella, and her bedroom behaviour is no exception to this rule. When she has sex, she loves to have her partner’s fingers right down her throat until she’s in a state of complete oblivion.

When she sucks, she takes it deep into her throat and she wills you to push her and push her until she audibly gags. The sensation of not being able to breathe properly forces her body into an extreme state and doubles her excitement. She has often been underwhelmed by the lack of intensity when trying this out with usual hookups.

However, Ella is also aware of the dangers in pushing someone inexperienced to be more forceful. She wants to have this kink experience with someone who knows how to do it properly and safely and who can even introduce other sensations such as mouth gags into her world. 



A latex kink refers to a sexual interest or attraction to latex clothing or related materials. People with a latex kink find pleasure, arousal, or satisfaction from wearing, seeing, touching, or interacting with latex garments, such as latex dresses, bodysuits, gloves, or stockings.

Something about the tight, firm and completely encapsulating material of latex makes Zoe feel safe and strong. It feels like she’s wearing an extra layer of skin that protects her from the world. She was always turned on when she saw other women wearing latex in movies and on TV, and wearing it herself makes her feel somewhat like the movie stars.

It accentuates the shape of her body, and the slick smoothness makes her feel sexier than even being nude. She wishes she could wear latex whenever she has a hookup, however it doesn’t always work out that way.

She wants to take her kink to another level, where people want to see her in latex as much as she wants to wear it and together they can explore the arousing rush of rubber.


Foot worship

Foot worship refers to a sexual or fetishistic kink for feet, where individuals find pleasure, arousal, or satisfaction from engaging with or worshipping feet in various ways. It is a form of sexual or sensual exploration that focuses on the feet as an erogenous zone or object of desire.

It’s hard to tell where it started, but Matt has some vague memory of being a young boy playing on the living room carpet whilst his mother and her friends sat on the sofas talking. He recalls being entranced by the elegance of their feet, some bare, some covered by a thin material of stocking.

Now he can’t get enough. With every woman he sleeps with, he wants to be at her feet, he wants to admire them, caress them, have a woman command him to lick them – this sensation feels to him so intimately submissive. However, he’s immediately turned off when he feels his partner isn’t actually into it.

Matt wants to worship the feet of someone who understands the kink in the same way, and who will tell him what to do without being prompted. In other words, he wants a proper sensualist experience. 

impact play



Iso is a writer and filmmaker based in East London. She is passionate about all things erotic and leads a sexy, shame-free life in hope that she can inspire others to do the same. Originally from a Northern seaside town, she is naturally drawn to the best things in life: candyfloss, trashy karaoke bars and heart-shaped sunglasses.

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