Face sitting

My face, in other words, your seat.

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What is face sitting?

What is face sitting?

My face, in other words, your seat.

Face sitting is a sexual activity or practice in which one person sits on or straddles another person's face, typically for the purpose of sexual pleasure. It can be a form of oral stimulation where the person on top positions themselves over the mouth and nose of their partner.

What makes it hot?

When you’re incredibly attracted to someone, you often feel like you can’t get enough of them. You want as much of them as possible all at once. Whilst penetrative sex can be seen as the most intimate thing you can do with somebody, face sitting is another incredibly intimate position.

To be completely overwhelmed by somebody- their body covering your face (and overwhelming all of your senses) is a very intense experience. Many people also enjoy the strong power dynamic that this position implies, which is why this is a kink also associated with BDSM. 

Yes, with communication, consent, and consideration for comfort, face sitting can be safe.

Generally safe, but individuals with respiratory or neck issues should be cautious. Open communication is key.

Communicate openly in a private setting, express your interest, and discuss boundaries and comfort levels. Mutual consent is essential.

‘Sit on my face’: why straight men love facesitting

‘Sit on my face’: why straight men love facesitting

Posted by Iso

Monday 9 October 2023

Everyone loves face sitting, especially the most unusual suspects- cis straight men (who have been socially conditioned to typically take a more dominant position during sex). So what's the appeal of face sitting? What makes it just as good (or better) than penetrative sex itself?


Find a rhythm: Face sitting is often best when there's a perfect balance of grinding and licking- where you're not fighting to take the lead.

Try different positions: Face sitting works in different ways for different people.

Take breaks if needed: We all need a breather sometimes!



Assume power roles: Although face sitting can be very femdom coded, it's not always. Discuss beforehand.

Fear! Being scared of this position can hold you back from all the fun. It's totally safe and often very pleasurable for both people.

Forget about toys: Bringing a toy into face sitting can take the experience to a whole other level.

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