Princess Latex Rubber Doll is a transgender latex and fetish model. She’s also a dominatrix known as Lizzy Lancaster, providing in-person BDSM in Manchester and around the UK. She’s known for her attention to detail and professional level styling, which tops most latex high-fashion runway looks by a long shot.

Princess Latex is a hardcore rubberist, meaning that she likes to be covered in as much latex as possible. When we meet, she wears a wine red latex catsuit, paired with a black latex hood, corset-harness and black fingerless gloves. She sits back in a mustard yellow armchair. She’s well and truly rocking it.

Who are you?

My name is Lizzy Lancaster aka Princess Latex Rubber Doll. I’m a bisexual kinky rubber doll switch. I live for latex.

Sensuali meets Princess Latex Rubber Doll.
Sensuali meets Princess Latex Rubber Doll.

What is a rubber doll?

A rubber doll in the latex world is someone who likes to dress head to toe in latex or rubber clothing, often resembling a doll-like or exaggerated appearance. I love everything about latex. The smell of latex is an instant turn on. The sound of latex when it’s being put on. I even love the taste (I have inflatable latex gags).  I’m a full enclosure girlie, meaning I like to be covered in as much latex as possible.


How did you get into Latex?

I had a latex fetish from a young age. I blame Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns and Posh Spice from Spice Girls. I think that’s where my latex fetish came from.

I developed my latex fetish in my late 20s and early 30s privately behind closed doors and when I reached my 30s 5 years go, I made the decision to transition. I developed an attitude of being more free, and I wanted to tell the world exactly who I am, so that’s when I became more open with it. My latex fetish has since grown and grown, and I’m loving the rubber doll lifestyle!


Princess Latex Rubberdoll manchester based
Manchester based Princess Latex Rubberdoll aka Lizzy Lancaster.

How is your latex fetish personally significant?

It’s a central core part of who I am. Everybody has kinks, but most people don’t talk about them. I truly think that’s detrimental to our health. Being free and open about who you are is an amazingly liberating thing. This journey has been mind-blowing.

As a trans woman, being able to dress in latex was a significant part of my liberation. It allowed me to explore and unleash who I truly felt I was inside. 


How does becoming a latex rubber doll transform you?

It’s a very physical transformation, because wearing latex isn’t like putting on normal clothes. It transforms your body and wearing it is a very unique physical feeling. However, the mental transformation is almost more significant than the physical.

Covering myself in latex might seem like hiding, but it’s the opposite. When I’m covered in latex, with my hood too, I release myself. I unlock the parts of me that are not ‘socially acceptable’ and become an unfiltered version of myself. It’s liberating like nothing else.

Some people see it as playing a character, but for me, I just become more of myself. When I wear latex I’m a drama queen, unapologetically OTT. I’m a fun-seeker and sexually open to exploring many different kinks.


Princess Latex Rubber Doll, latex model
Just one of many legendary Princess Latex Rubber Doll looks.


How often do you wear latex?

On average, 3-4 times a week. If I have a busy week, then I could be wearing it everyday. I wear it for work and sessions but I also wear it casually with my non-rubberist friends. For example, I might wear a regular dress but with a latex corset or a latex beret. If I’m going to something like Torture Garden, I will be in full rubber doll mode, because I want to feel fabulous, and wearing latex makes me feel my most fabulous!



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