PrincessChloe Leather London
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BDSM & Content creator

Female, Bicurious, London

Pretty princess living her best life ✨

Leather Bondage Chastity Domme
Otto Leather London
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Male, Gay, London

God gave me an experience beyond limits. Your pain is my pleasure.

Leather Bondage Edging Gagging
SirDavid Leather Bath


BDSM & Content creator

Male, Straight, Bath

Experienced Erotic Artist, Dominant Master and Latex Fetishist, offering advice on all aspects of these subjects.

Leather Bondage Chastity Latex
Goddess_A Leather London


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London

I am London’s most statuesque Dominatrix, here to make your fantasies come true. I am a beautiful and strong Amazonian Mistress. Standing at a powerful 6’1” tall before I put on my high heels, I revel in making men feel inferior. I must be worshipped and obeyed. Some of my favourite activities include CP, humiliation and pegging. I also thoroughly enjoy beat downs; any excuse to practise my Muay Thai and show off my strength. I am available for in person sessions at Dungeons and Hotels based in London and Hertfordshire.

Leather Bondage Chastity Findom
MissSevvven Leather London
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BDSM & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, London

Professional Dominatrix - Owner of Studio Sevvven - Degradation & Filth Fanatic - Fantasy Extractor - FemDom Enthusiast

Leather Bondage Chastity FemDom
AloraLux Leather Birmingham


BDSM & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Birmingham

British babygirl with a passion for wrestling

Leather Bondage Domination Latex
AvaSheridon Leather London
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BDSM & Content creator

Female, Sapiosexual, London

The only elite disciplinarian you'll ever need.

Leather Bondage Chastity Cuckold
SensualRubber Leather Sheffield



Gender fluid, Bisexual, Sheffield

Rubber rubber fetish slut I'll do this now later thanx

Leather Bondage Chastity Latex
MistressEve Leather London
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Female, Bicurious, London

English sensual Mistress in Earls Court - Welcome to Eves Place x

Leather Bondage Chastity Cuckold
RedSonia Leather London
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BDSM & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London

Mature and experienced English Dominatrix with a Lens

Leather Bondage Domination Latex
MistressSin Leather London



Female, Queer, London

I am a British Femdom based in London. Although I have been naturally dominant since coming of age, I decided to turn My lust for overpowering men into a profession at the age of 25. I have been a professional Dominatrix for 23yrs and find new excitement and love for BDSM with every year that goes by. For Me, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a man, at My feet, relinquishing all control to Me. I have an insatiable lust for the erotic constraints of latex and leather and the sensuality of stockings and heels. I adore every level of kink, but I particularly thrive with the unusual and extreme. Your embarrassment and shame give Me amusement and excitement. The space that I will give to you is completely safe, so you can truly submit, give in, and become the sub that you have always yearned for but hidden... until now.

Leather Bondage Chastity Findom
mistresskizumi Leather London



Female, Straight, London

London Asian American Dominatrix

Leather Anal Bondage Chastity

What is leather?

Dressed in leather whatever the weather.

Leather is a material commonly used for various fetish and bondage gear. Leather items can include clothing, harnesses, cuffs, collars, and other accessories designed to enhance sensory experiences and explore power dynamics within a consensual and BDSM-oriented context. The use of leather in this context often signifies a commitment to the aesthetics and rituals associated with BDSM practices. It is valued for its durability, the tactile sensations it provides, and the symbolism it carries within the BDSM community.

What makes it hot?

The concept of leather is arousing for several reasons. Firstly, the feel and scent of leather against the skin can evoke sensory pleasure and contribute to a heightened erotic experience. Secondly, leather clothing and accessories often symbolise dominance and submission, allowing individuals to explore power dynamics and role-play scenarios. Lastly, the visual appeal of leather, with its shiny and often form-fitting nature, can enhance the overall aesthetic of BDSM scenes and contribute to a sense of eroticism and intensity.

Leather play can be safe for beginners when approached with communication, education, and an understanding of each other's boundaries. Start with less intense activities and gradually explore as comfort and trust build.

Yes, many people enjoy incorporating leather clothing into their everyday or fetish-inspired fashion. Leather is versatile and can be styled for various occasions

When choosing leather gear, consider factors like fit, material quality, and the specific activities you have in mind. Look for reputable suppliers and prioritise items designed for durability and comfort.


Ensure proper fit: Whether it's clothing or restraints, ensuring that leather items fit properly is crucial for comfort and safety.

Clean and maintain: Regularly clean and maintain leather items according to care instructions to preserve their quality and longevity.

Communicate boundaries: Clearly communicate with your partner about preferences, boundaries, and the level of intensity desired when incorporating leather into sexual activities.


Neglect Safety: When using leather restraints or implements, prioritise safety. Avoid placing excessive pressure on sensitive areas and have a quick-release mechanism in place.

Use harsh cleaning agents: Avoid using harsh chemicals or alcohol-based cleaners on leather, as they can damage the material. Opt for products specifically designed for leather care.

Assume comfort: Check in with your partner about comfort levels when introducing new leather items. Discomfort or pain beyond what is consensually agreed upon should be addressed promptly.

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