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Female, 26, Bisexual, Liverpool

A shape shifting succubus sent to lead you to your doom via fetish facilitation as your purveyor of perversion.

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A seductive manifestation of the Devil - you may refer to me as Miss Doom. Welcome to my circle of hell. Here you will be expected to pay for your sins.

As a succubus of sorts, I will infect your thoughts and draw you to me, where you will seek my attention with your complete and utter submission.

Your reason for existing is to contribute yourself and your services to me, to make my life better and myself happier. I take pleasure in not only seeing you squirm beneath the enforcement of my dominance but also in exploring the most depraved parts of your mind.

I am a northern girl with an accent that will leave you utterly endeared with me. I am university educated at a postgraduate level which makes me an exciting conversationalist, able to engage in chats about art and culture for hours on end.

As well as a creative and academic mind I have a sense of humour and the ability to not take myself too seriously. It will have you intellectually satisfied and simultaneously at complete ease. Recognising each other as multifaceted beings is a necessary foundation for play with me.

Sensuali Ambassador
Female(She/Her), Bisexual
I'm open to Female, Male, Non Binary, Trans
Current location: Liverpool (GB)
26 years old
I speak English
5'5 ft
Party Sometimes
A few Piercings
Full body Tattoos

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