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Female, Bicurious, London

Pretty princess living her best life ✨

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Award winning Fetish Princess. Generally amused by abusing losers.

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Mixed Race BBW for Sensual BDSM and Escort

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I have made this Sensuali profile as part of my relaunch and this profile will be an addition to my online presence.

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Experienced Erotic Artist, Dominant Master and Latex Fetishist, offering advice on all aspects of these subjects.

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I am London’s most statuesque Dominatrix, here to make your fantasies come true. I am a beautiful and strong Amazonian Mistress. Standing at a powerful 6’1” tall before I put on my high heels, I revel in making men feel inferior. I must be worshipped and obeyed. Some of my favourite activities include CP, humiliation and pegging. I also thoroughly enjoy beat downs; any excuse to practise my Muay Thai and show off my strength. I am available for in person sessions at Dungeons and Hotels based in London and Hertfordshire.

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Professional Dominatrix - Owner of Studio Sevvven - Degradation & Filth Fanatic - Fantasy Extractor - FemDom Enthusiast

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Sensual Sadist and Domina. Experience the power of intimacy in my fully equipped cosy play room.

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The only elite disciplinarian you'll ever need.

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Approachable, easy to connect with, I can be your deeply passionate & affectionate sex kitten or your Sadistic Mistress

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Rubber rubber fetish slut I'll do this now later thanx

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Hit me up for the most delicious and decadent of kink and BDSM experiences 😈

Chastity Bondage breath play

What is chastity?

When refraining is entertaining.

Chastity typically refers to the state of refraining from sexual activity, often associated with abstinence or self-imposed restrictions. In a BDSM context, chastity can also involve the use of a physical device called a chastity cage or belt, which restricts access to and stimulation of the genitals. This device is often used as part of a power dynamic where one partner (the key holder) controls the other's sexual activity. Chastity play may involve elements of erotic teasing, denial, or delayed gratification. 

What makes it hot?

Chastity play captivates through the power dynamics of submission and control. By employing chastity devices, a key holder assumes authority over a partner's sexual pleasure, fostering anticipation and desire through denial. To have your own sexual action controlled by somebody else is thought by some to be one of the most submissive things a person can do. This consensual power exchange intensifies emotional intimacy, as couples navigate shared experiences of arousal, teasing, and abstinence.

While some people engage in extended wear, it's crucial to prioritise hygiene, comfort, and regular check-ins for safety.

No, chastity play can involve various dynamics, including power exchange, erotic teasing, and emotional intimacy beyond simple denial.

Absolutely, women can engage in chastity play, either as the wearer or the key holder, exploring similar power dynamics and dynamics found in male chastity play.


Ensure proper fit: Choose a chastity device that fits comfortably and securely. Improper sizing can lead to discomfort or injury.

Regular maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain the chastity device to prevent irritation, chafing, or infection. Follow manufacturer guidelines for care.

Establish communication signals: Establish non-verbal communication signals, such as hand gestures or a safe action, for the wearer to indicate any urgent issues or discomfort, especially if speech is restricted.

Gradual introductions: If new to chastity play, start with shorter periods and gradually extend them based on comfort and mutual agreement.


Ignore discomfort: If the wearer experiences prolonged discomfort, pain, or signs of distress, promptly remove the chastity device to address any issues.

Rush key holder responsibilities: The key holder should exercise control responsibly and be attentive to the physical and emotional well-being of the wearer.

Skip check-ins: Regularly check in with the wearer to ensure they are physically and emotionally comfortable. Open communication is crucial for a positive experience.

Neglect mental well-being: Recognise that extended periods of chastity may impact the wearer mentally. Be aware of any signs of emotional strain and be prepared to provide support or reassess the situation.

Overlook removal procedures: Know how to safely and quickly remove the chastity device in case of emergency, and communicate these procedures clearly to all involved parties.

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