Shhh, it's a secret.

HannaHoneycumb Discretion Helsinki
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Escort & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Helsinki FI

Looking for a little fun & a special someone to treat online? 😘 Message me, I wanna know if we hit it off

Discretion Couples Findom Photo
Leatherette Discretion London
2 1 4


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Straight, London UK

Dreaming of the passion Claudel and Rodin had...

Discretion Dancing Dinner Mentor
Princesskitty6 Discretion Limerick


Sugar baby

Female, Bisexual, Limerick IE

✨💓😇 hi lovely people

Discretion Dinner Events NSA
DegradeYou Discretion Fresno


Sugar baby

Female, Bicurious, Fresno CA US

Let me degrade you and tell you how I really feel. I'm not looking for a relationship, just a pay pig.

minxybaby Discretion Dublin
4 1


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Dublin IE

I create online contact and I love to explore and converse with different creators and people who are interested in discussing sexuality openly.

Discretion Photo
gingerroot Discretion Austin
12 3


Photographer & Content creator

Male, Pansexual, Austin TX US

I am very open to most scenarios and will always honor your boundaries and our agreements. My personal meaning in this lifetime is to find the beauty hidden by the universe and to facilitate pleasure in all I do. I was blessed with a great eye for photography which I have been honing since my first photography class in high school, over 20 years ago. I also have loved being seen doing can shows and other homemade videos. I love when my creative mind is inspired and can surprise myself with the vast variety of possibilities available.

Discretion Dragon experience


Sugar baby

Non Binary, Queer, Paignton UK

I'm a huge romantic and I love intimacy and connections. I'm all for intense experiences with like-minded people. I'm primarily looking for a sugar Daddy/Mommy who I can meet with a couple times a month, but am open to more connections.

Discretion Dinner Long Term PPM
Lovelymaya Discretion Leuven
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Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Leuven BE

Hii :) I’m Maya, your petite and kinky not so average girl next door. I love having a good time and am allergic to drama. I’d say I’m a bratty sub, but if you can show me who’s in charge, I can be a very good girl 😘

Discretion Dinner Events Mentor


Sugar baby

Female, Straight, San Diego CA US

Hi I like to be discrete. I would like to have new experiences in my boring life.

Fernsmith Discretion Columbus


Sugar baby

Trans, Bisexual, Columbus OH US

Trying on my new dresses today, who wants to take me out somewhere fancy to show me off?

Discretion Dinner Domination NSA
romeoguthrie Discretion Ayr
6 2 1


Sugar baby

Male, Gay, Ayr UK

Young bubbly blonde who is confident and up for anything. Love meeting new people and used to a luxurious lifestyle.

Discretion Dinner Long Term NSA
krystaljennings Discretion Knoxville
6 5


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, Knoxville TN US

The girl of your dreams... Yes, I'm married. But we can still use your money and have fun.

Discretion Dinner Events Findom
What is discretion?

What is discretion?

Shhh, it's a secret.

'Discretion' labelled on a Sensuali profile usually means that a Sensualist values their discretion or will value your discretion if needed. This means that they will make sure that the time you spend together is private and discreet, and will expect the same from you. 

What makes it hot?

Respecting privacy has the ability to make an experience a lot more intimate. Knowing that your interaction is something that stays strictly between the two of you can build trust and bring you closer together as well as enhancing excitement. When somebody tags discretion on their profile, you can rest assured that this Sensualist will value your privacy by seeing the interaction as something totally separate from your 'normal' lives.  

Discuss and establish a plan for handling public encounters to maintain discretion. This may involve having a discreet signal or prearranged response to ensure both partners are on the same page and comfortable navigating such situations.

Trust is paramount in maintaining discretion. Both partners need to trust that the agreed-upon boundaries will be respected. Open communication about feelings, concerns, and expectations helps build and reinforce trust over time.

Yes, discretion needs can evolve. Regularly reassess and communicate about your comfort levels and expectations. Be open to adapting boundaries as the relationship progresses to ensure that both partners remain on the same page.

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Communicate expectations clearly: Clearly communicate about the level of discretion both of you desire. Discuss boundaries, privacy preferences, and expectations regarding sharing relationship details with others.

Establish trust: Build a foundation of trust. Trust is crucial when discretion is valued, as it ensures that both people feel confident that their personal information will be handled with care and respect.

Respect privacy: Respect each others privacy and encourage an environment where both of you feel comfortable maintaining certain aspects of your lives discreet. Avoid prying into personal matters that the other person may wish to keep private.


Share private information without consent: Avoid sharing personal details about the person without their explicit consent. Respect their boundaries regarding what information is kept private.

Pressure for public displays of affection: Avoid pressuring someone into public displays of affection or sharing relationship milestones on social media if they value discretion. Understand and respect their desire to keep certain aspects of the relationship private.

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