Leatherette Mentor London
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Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Straight, London

Dreaming of the passion Claudel and Rodin had...

Mentor Dancing Dinner Discretion
Ruby00 Mentor London
5 10


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, London

Hi, I’m Ruby. I’m a young woman with a petite yet curvy body 😋 I’m educated and intelligent and like intense conversations or debates 😉 real connection and passion is important for me! I love to read, write, listen to music whilst going on walks and/or exploring, travel, hike, open water swim/ skinny dip 😜 / dance / go on coffee or cocktails dates / eat excellent seafood / have amazing sex 😝 Looking for a sexy individual/couple who has/have similar interests, someone you’d love to mentor and share experiences with, someone who also wants to adore and spoil me would be a great bonus 😘

Mentor Book Dinner Discretion
PetiteGeek Mentor London


Sugar baby

Female, Straight, London

5’2 Athletic/Curvy girl next door looking for someone to add a spark and a bit more luxury to her life. Interests include music, sports, science and current affairs. I’m a good listener and conversationalist and will undoubtedly try to make you laugh. I love good food, wine and drinks but good company is what makes it even more perfect. Degree educated and working full time in property development, I’m looking for someone to spend my time away from work with. Whether that’s oysters and champagne, Netflix and chill or some shopping, if we click we’re bound to have a good time.

Mentor Dinner Discretion
Sakura Mentor Dublin


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Queer, Dublin

Submissive, kinky online content creator :3

Mentor Emotional Connection
Babydoll Mentor Sheffield
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Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Sheffield

Hey! If you are seeking a fun, loving and perfect little sugar baby then look no further! I can offer you private sessions, text & calls all for a monthly price plus you will get access to my PRIVATE drop box that's filled with photos and videos all for you. I will also arrange for Polaroids and special gifts sent just for you, it'll make our arrangement even more special! I can also take payment in one off gifts if this is something you would like to arrange than please get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you xoxo

Mentor Dinner Discretion Events
Mia Mentor New York
3 5


Sugar baby

Female, Bisexual, New York

Chillin and ready for spices with a special one

Mentor Dinner Discretion Travel
Girlfriendexpe Mentor London
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Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Straight, London

I will make u smile, I am emotionally available and great to be around im very open but selective life is short and we can have some magic together… If you are looking for a girlfriend experience and spicy 🌶 relation i can be your girl.. With energy massage as well including reiki and chi energy x Please always introduce yourself and what type of experience you are looking for.. Kisses C 😘

Mentor Dinner Discretion
miss_selena Mentor Manchester


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Straight, Manchester

Hey my names is Serena Rose. I am obsessed with health & well-being. If I’m not out socialising you will always find me in the gym or a hot yoga class. I am the biggest foodie ever and love trying new restaurants. I live for holidays…. Exploring the world and making life long memories. I am looking for a friend/mentor for a mutually beneficial relationship. Look forward to speaking to you

Mentor Discretion Long Term

What is a mentor?

You can be the boss, daddy.

The term 'mentor' in the sensual world is most commonly associated with sugar dating. It refers to an individual (usually the sugar daddy/mama) who provides guidance, support, and often financial assistance to a less experienced or younger partner (sugar baby) in exchange for companionship, including a romantic or intimate aspect. However, a mentor could also exist in other worlds such as BDSM, coaching or therapy. Most typically offer mentorship beyond traditional relationships, often fostering personal and professional growth.

What makes it hot?

Dynamic power play: The power dynamic in a mentor-mentee relationship, especially in sugar dating, can be arousing as it involves a blend of guidance, financial support, and potentially romantic or intimate connections.

Educational and experiential exchange: The mentor can provide valuable insights, experiences, and opportunities, creating a dynamic where both parties benefit intellectually, emotionally, and sensually.

Luxurious lifestyle: Sugar dating often involves a more lavish lifestyle, with mentors providing financial support for their mentees, contributing to a heightened level of interest and excitement.

In sugar dating, a sensual mentorship may involve a more explicit understanding of the exchange, often including financial support and a unique power dynamic that goes beyond typical relationships.

Research reputable platforms, be clear about your expectations, and communicate openly. Trust your instincts and make you have a true emotional connection before anything else.

While sugar dating often involves specific arrangements, some relationships evolve into long-term connections. Clear communication about expectations and desires is crucial for navigating the trajectory of the relationship.


Clear communication: Maintain open and clear communication about expectations, boundaries, and desires. A transparent dialogue ensures that both parties are on the same page and comfortable with the arrangement.

Establish mutual respect: Cultivate a relationship built on mutual respect. Both the mentor and mentee should value and appreciate each other's contributions to the relationship, fostering a healthy and positive dynamic.

Prioritise safety: Prioritise safety and well-being. Meet in public places initially, share personal information cautiously, and be aware of potential risks associated with online interactions.



Coercion or pressure: Neither the mentor nor the mentee should engage in activities that feel coercive or pressured. Consent and comfort are paramount, and both parties should feel free to express their boundaries.

Neglect emotional considerations: While sugar dating may involve financial arrangements, it's essential to recognise and address the emotional aspects of the relationship. Neglecting emotional considerations can lead to misunderstandings and discomfort.

Skip regular check-ins: Regularly check in with each other to ensure that the relationship remains consensual and positive. Open dialogue helps address concerns and ensures that both parties continue to benefit from the arrangement.

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Daddy, daddy cool.