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I am a professional Dominant based in Brighton, London, but I travel all over the UK.

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I have made this Sensuali profile as part of my relaunch and this profile will be an addition to my online presence.

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Orgasm control

What is orgasm control?

Every control freak's dream kink.

Orgasm control refers to the intentional manipulation or restraint of an individual's sexual climax, often done by a partner. This can involve delaying the orgasm, denying it altogether, or intensifying the experience through various techniques and activities. The practice requires a high level of trust and communication between partners, as it involves a nuanced exploration of pleasure and arousal.

What makes it hot?

What makes orgasm control exciting is the heightened anticipation and intensity it adds to intimate moments. The deliberate delay or denial of orgasm builds a strong sense of desire and arousal, creating a more profound release when finally allowed. The power dynamics involved can also be exhilarating, with one partner surrendering control and the other taking on the role of orchestrating pleasure. The excitement lies in the emotional and physical intensity.

When practiced consensually and with open communication, orgasm control is generally safe. However, it's important to be aware of your partner's physical and emotional well-being throughout the experience.


Approach the conversation with sensitivity and communicate your desires openly. Emphasise the mutual exploration of pleasure and discuss any concerns or boundaries your partner may have.

Techniques vary and can include edging (delaying climax), denial, sensory play, or the use of certain devices. Experimenting with different methods can help discover what works best for both partners.

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Communication and consent: Openly discuss desires, boundaries, and comfort levels before exploring orgasm control. Obtain explicit consent and ensure ongoing communication throughout the experience.

Build trust: Establish a foundation of trust between partners. Trust is crucial in orgasm control, as it involves vulnerability and surrender. Always prioritise your partner's emotional well-being.

Variety and exploration: Experiment with different techniques and activities to find what works best for both partners. Explore a variety of sensations, and be receptive to feedback to enhance the overall experience.


Assume readiness: Never assume that your partner is ready for orgasm control without explicit consent. Respect their boundaries and preferences, and be attentive to cues during intimate moments.

Ignore limits: Respect any established limits and boundaries set by your partner. Pushing too far or too fast can lead to discomfort or emotional distress, undermining the trust essential for orgasm control.

Neglect aftercare: After an orgasm control session, provide emotional support and aftercare. Discuss feelings, ensure your partner feels secure, and address any emotional or physical needs that may arise.