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Female, 29, Pansexual, London

Professional Dominatrix - Owner of Studio Sevvven - Degradation & Filth Fanatic - Fantasy Extractor - FemDom Enthusiast

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Welcome to my world of FemDom, filth & forbidden desire...

I'm Mistress Sevvven, an experienced Professional Dominatrix, FemDom content creator & owner of Studio Sevvven, a private-hire BDSM Studio in East London.

The naturally Dominant woman of your dreams, I live to be worshipped & adored, feared & obeyed, served by those who know that their true place is at My feet.

I have a varied set of skills & can cater to a wide range of kinks, fetishes and specialisms. With this said, My true passion is filth & degradation - there is nothing I love more than debasing & dehumanising My submissives, in all manner of disgusting ways. I also have a particular interest in obscure & unusual fantasies - I like to get inside your head, expose your most vile & perverted desires, & use them against you.

I offer private sessions from my Studio year round. Find out more about Me & what I offer on my website: www.mistresssevvven.com

You can also hire Studio Sevvven for professional use, private play & events: www.studiosevvven.com

Filthy FemDom sessions: meet Mistress Sevvven

Filthy FemDom sessions: meet Mistress Sevvven

Posted by Iso

Friday 3 November 2023

We had a wonderful chat with Mistress Sevvven, the professional dominatrix who specialises in FemDom sessions in London. We spoke about her carnal, non-traditional approach, the sense of safety and control that BDSM provides, and the never ending fight to unlearn conditioned feminine behaviour as a domme.

Female(She/Her), Pansexual
I'm open to Couple, Female, Gender fluid, Male, Non Binary, Trans
Current location: London (GB)
29 years old
172 cm
Party Sometimes
A few Piercings
Full body Tattoos

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