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Tamara Escort New York
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Female, Bisexual, New York

Let's chat first.. then we can have fun if we match

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LiveShowSingle Escort Nottingham
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Female, Straight, Nottingham

I’m a petite and sexy little bundle of fun and I’m here for a hobby not to make a living. I’ve always enjoyed fucking other men despite being married and swinger websites are just full of timewasters so I’m here at a price point that weeds out the inarticulate or disrespectful. I do ‘work’ alone but I can also bring my hubby along if you’d like the genuine swinger experience with some mmf or cuckolding; the price is the same.

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Mr_Fun_Alex Escort London


Male, Straight, London

Hi I’m Alex London’s superb charming sophisticated straight male escort, happy to travel to meet with you subject to a little notice and fair expenses. I have everything you’d expect from a high class companion. A sexy British gentleman, charming and fun. Who brings a sense of excitement to any evening. As I’m very open-minded and engaging. A keen sportsman with an athletic body and the stamina to match. Who promises to bring a sense of calm to any situation, perfectly setting up any meet to be exhilarating and memorable. Whether seeking a relaxed evening or intensity I will certainly be attentive to your desires and adapts. Who wishes nothing more than to bring you a special experience. As I’m a keen explorer and no stranger to travel I have a worldly view on life. Not to mentioned I have a wide range of different uniforms including Policeman, Fireman, Army, Pilot, Swat…and many more…. So if that’s your thing then look no further👮‍♂️👨‍🚒👨🏻‍✈️ What I offer: *Hotels *Shopping *Adventures *Spa Days *Games *Work functions *Theatre Shows, Opera *Live music, Shows or Gigs *Fake Boyfriend *Business Trip *Weddings *Holiday company National/ International *Shopping & Activity buddy *Parties/Events *Companionship *Weekends *Relaxing Massage Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other ideas or special requests that are not listed. Alex Xx

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Morgan Escort London
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Female, Pansexual, London

Well spoken English deviant

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AmberJensen Escort Liverpool
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Female, Straight, Liverpool

Feeling flirty

Lapdancing GFE Deep throat Party

What is lap dancing?

Your lap is my dancefloor.

Lap dancing is an erotic dance performance where a dancer, usually in a strip club setting, performs seductive and sensual movements in close proximity to a seated patron. During a lap dance, the dancer may engage in intimate gestures and suggestive choreography, creating an alluring and sexually charged atmosphere. While the dancer remains clothed, the dance is designed to be a titillating and immersive experience for the patron.

What makes it hot?

The arousal associated with lap dancing is derived from a combination of factors. The visual stimulation of the dancer's movements, coupled with the close physical proximity, creates an intimate and fantasy-laden experience. The element of tease and anticipation as the dancer moves in sensual ways contributes to a heightened state of arousal. 



Respect personal boundaries: Always respect the personal space and boundaries of the dancer. Consent and communication are crucial for a positive experience.

Tip appropriately: Tipping is often a significant part of a lap dancer's income. Show appreciation for the performance by tipping respectfully.

Follow venue rules: Adhere to the rules and regulations of the venue to ensure a safe and respectful environment for both patrons and dancers.



Touch without permission: Refrain from touching the dancer unless explicit consent is given. Respect their boundaries to maintain a consensual interaction.

Make inappropriate comments: Avoid making explicit or disrespectful comments that could make the dancer uncomfortable. Maintain a respectful and courteous demeanour.

Over-consume alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption can impair judgment and behaviour. Consume responsibly to ensure a positive and respectful interaction.

Yes, some venues offer lap dances as a couples experience, allowing partners to enjoy the sensual performance together in a consensual and controlled setting.

No, lap dancers often remain clothed during the dance. The level of nudity can vary depending on the venue and local regulations.

Yes, many lap dancers offer private dances in designated areas of the venue, providing patrons with a more personalised and intimate experience for an additional fee.