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Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London

Hello Everybody, My Name is Bleu.. I am a 19 Year Old From Cheshire I Currently Tour From Manchester + London with my Career, sometimes other places. I Do Genuinely have Free time in my Schedule I just travel due to the fact I have no ties holding me to once place. I am a Model with 8 Publications, 2 Of them being Front Cover. 2 Also being International. I Run Modelling Events & Networking Events also alongside a few other things. I’m here looking for many different experiences, I’m not the usual vanilla girl I am eager to make different connections with different values. Each person has something valuable to bring to the table - whatever that may be. So let me start by listing the dynamics I’m open too; - Sugar Baby - Female Domination ( I offer double domme also ;) - GFE - Escorting - Lap dances/ Stripping - Content Creator - Modelling - Video/ Voice calls (Online dynamics) I’m 5FT Tall, Petite, Sexy and Bubbly as can be with beautiful long chocolate hair. I am very easy going & I genuinely enjoy experiencing new things whether that be sights, foods, music, art and more. Enough about me for now.. I’d prefer to share most information about myself to you personally if we connect anyways so make sure to message me, let’s see how well we get along.

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Male, Gay, London

Live 4 love. Dance or die.

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What is a stripper?

Strip a little, live a lot.

A stripper is a person who performs striptease acts in establishments such as strip clubs, adult entertainment venues, or private parties. A stripper's performance is about entertaining and arousing the audience by gradually removing their clothing in a seductive manner. Strippers often dance on stages, poles, or platforms, and they often wear lingerie or costumes that add to the eroticism of their show.

What makes it hot?

 The connotations of a stripper are similar to that of a porn star. The fantasy of a stripper is a very attractive person that doesn’t just talk the talk, but knows how to walk the walk. Many people are drawn to the romanticised stripper image of high heels, neon lights and flowing cash- the ultimate underworld of seduction.

Respect is key. Treat them as a professional providing a service. Follow club rules, avoid touching without permission, and engage in friendly conversation.




Generally, no. Respect their privacy and the rules of the establishment. If interested, express your appreciation within the boundaries of the club.

Follow club guidelines for tipping. Be respectful, engage in conversation, and express appreciation for their performance. Tipping generously is a common way to show support.

Uniting pole dance & strippers: meet Gemma Rose Pole

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Friday 6 October 2023

Sensuali chatted to pole dancer, stripper, sex work activist and all round icon Gemma Rose about her journey from anti to pro sex work, the normalised exploitation of strippers in the UK, and her upcoming podcast, 'The 6am Club'.

10 things it takes to be a stripper

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Wednesday 6 September 2023

Does the stripper life appeal to you? If you possess at least 5/10 of these qualities, then you might just have what it takes.

London’s most progressive strip clubs

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Friday 9 June 2023

Do you avoid strip clubs because of their seedy reputation? Avoid no longer! Here are London's most progressive clubs that still maintain an element of elegance and class.

How To Be A Good Female Customer At A Strip Club

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Wednesday 2 November 2022

If you're only there to look like a 'cool girl', and have no intention of spending your £, better not to go at all.

The Highs & Lows of Stripper Life

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Friday 23 September 2022

All forms of sex work can have its and downs, but I spoke with ex-pornstar LouLou Petite about her dancing days and why stripping especially can be a job that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.


Respect: Strippers are professionals providing entertainment. Respect their personal space, never touch without permission and treat them like human beings.

Tip appropriately for dances or performances: This is a standard practice and a primary source of income for many strippers.

Follow club rules: Abide by the rules and policies of the strip club, which may include dress codes, no photography, and no touching.


Patronise: 'You can do better than this' is just one of many backhanded compliments that strippers generally dislike hearing.

Assume personal interest: It's a stripper job to be friendly or engaging. A personal relationship or outside contact is typically unlikely.

Take photos or videos: This is typically against club policies and could lead to legal issues.