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Pole dance

Manuel Dancer London
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Male, Gay, London

Live 4 love. Dance or die.

Pole dance Striptease Art show
gemmarosepole Dancer Sheffield


Female, Pansexual, Sheffield

I am a stripper and pole dance instructor. I am a lover of all things erotic and providing sensory tantalising experiences. I am experienced in strip club and private work. I love to provide companionship, company and pleasure through stripping and lap dancing.

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Pole dance

What is Pole Dance?

The art of seducing gravity one twirl at a time. Your pole or mine?

Pole dance is a form of dance and fitness involving performing acrobatic and artistic movements on a vertical pole. It has evolved from its origins in strip clubs to become a popular form of dance and exercise in its own right (in other words, pole dancing doesn't equal stripping).

What makes it hot?

Pole dance has become recognised as an excellent form of fitness, especially for core engagement, and also as an art form due to the creativity and beauty found in a good pole performance. From its roots in strip clubs, pole dance still carries sensual connotations and many find there is a lot of eroticism in pole dance. 


Think it through. Pole dance comes in many forms today- which are you interested in engaging with?

Respect pole. Pole dance is a serious skill, requiring artistry and physicality.

Respect the dancer(s). That means no touching without consent and no inappropriate comments.



Attempt pole yourself without a professional present (it's harder than it looks).

Sensationalise or romanticise because of its 'stripper lifestyle' associations.

Make assumptions about pole dancers or ask probing personal questions.

Pole dance is versatile; it can be both a fantastic workout for strength and flexibility and a form of sensual or artistic expression, allowing individuals to explore their creativity and personal style.

No prior experience is necessary. Pole dance is inclusive and suitable for all fitness levels. Classes cater to beginners and progress at a pace that allows individuals to build strength and learn skills gradually.

Absolutely. Pole dance promotes self-confidence by celebrating body strength, flexibility, and individual expression. Many practitioners find it empowering and a positive way to appreciate and connect with their bodies.

Uniting pole dance & strippers: meet Gemma Rose Pole

Uniting pole dance & strippers: meet Gemma Rose Pole

Sensuali chatted to pole dancer, stripper, sex work activist and all round icon Gemma Rose about her journey from anti to pro sex work, the normalised exploitation of strippers in the UK, and her upcoming podcast, 'The 6am Club'.

Friday 6 October 2023