Pay per meet (PPM)

Priscilla Pay per meet (PPM) London
4 1 3


Sugar baby

Female, Bisexual, London

Elegant with a spicy touch of extravagance

Pay per meet (PPM) kink
EricaVaughn Pay per meet (PPM) London


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, London

Recovering Catholic Slightly bratty Exhibitionist Service sub Cute Kind Fun

Pay per meet (PPM) Dinner Photo
Indisugar Pay per meet (PPM) Palm Beach
5 1


Sugar baby

Female, Straight, Palm Beach

I'm a delightful and captivating individual with warm, brown eyes and wisdom beyond my years. Approachable and genuine, I enjoy connecting with people. Aside from bringing joy, I'm effortlessly charming, combining a touch of professionalism with a fun-loving and compassionate nature. As a meticulous perfectionist, I guarantee our time together will be unforgettable. I find joy in kindness and making you smile. Let's begin a conversation; I'm eager to meet you.

Pay per meet (PPM) Dinner
PetiteGeek Pay per meet (PPM) London


Sugar baby

Female, Straight, London

5’2 Athletic/Curvy girl next door looking for someone to add a spark and a bit more luxury to her life. Interests include music, sports, science and current affairs. I’m a good listener and conversationalist and will undoubtedly try to make you laugh. I love good food, wine and drinks but good company is what makes it even more perfect. Degree educated and working full time in property development, I’m looking for someone to spend my time away from work with. Whether that’s oysters and champagne, Netflix and chill or some shopping, if we click we’re bound to have a good time.

Pay per meet (PPM) Dinner
QueenLucy Pay per meet (PPM) Newquay
2 3


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Straight, Newquay

I am a married 39 year old mother of 2 looking for fun and friendship, as well as a sugar daddy to help me escape from my day to day life. I will offer my undying gratitude and time in return. I have recently delves into the link world and discovered a new Domme side to myself.

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Modelbleu Pay per meet (PPM) London
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Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, London

Hello Everybody, My Name is Bleu.. I am a 19 Year Old From Cheshire I Currently Tour From Manchester + London with my Career, sometimes other places. I Do Genuinely have Free time in my Schedule I just travel due to the fact I have no ties holding me to once place. I am a Model with 8 Publications, 2 Of them being Front Cover. 2 Also being International. I Run Modelling Events & Networking Events also alongside a few other things. I’m here looking for many different experiences, I’m not the usual vanilla girl I am eager to make different connections with different values. Each person has something valuable to bring to the table - whatever that may be. So let me start by listing the dynamics I’m open too; - Sugar Baby - Female Domination ( I offer double domme also ;) - GFE - Escorting - Lap dances/ Stripping - Content Creator - Modelling - Video/ Voice calls (Online dynamics) I’m 5FT Tall, Petite, Sexy and Bubbly as can be with beautiful long chocolate hair. I am very easy going & I genuinely enjoy experiencing new things whether that be sights, foods, music, art and more. Enough about me for now.. I’d prefer to share most information about myself to you personally if we connect anyways so make sure to message me, let’s see how well we get along.

Pay per meet (PPM) Book Dinner
Ruby00 Pay per meet (PPM) London
5 10


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Pansexual, London

Hi, I’m Ruby. I’m a young woman with a petite yet curvy body 😋 I’m educated and intelligent and like intense conversations or debates 😉 real connection and passion is important for me! I love to read, write, listen to music whilst going on walks and/or exploring, travel, hike, open water swim/ skinny dip 😜 / dance / go on coffee or cocktails dates / eat excellent seafood / have amazing sex 😝 Looking for a sexy individual/couple who has/have similar interests, someone you’d love to mentor and share experiences with, someone who also wants to adore and spoil me would be a great bonus 😘

Pay per meet (PPM) Book Dinner
Babydoll Pay per meet (PPM) Sheffield
5 5


Sugar baby & Content creator

Female, Bisexual, Sheffield

Hey! If you are seeking a fun, loving and perfect little sugar baby then look no further! I can offer you private sessions, text & calls all for a monthly price plus you will get access to my PRIVATE drop box that's filled with photos and videos all for you. I will also arrange for Polaroids and special gifts sent just for you, it'll make our arrangement even more special! I can also take payment in one off gifts if this is something you would like to arrange than please get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you xoxo

Pay per meet (PPM) Dinner NSA
Mia Pay per meet (PPM) New York
3 5


Sugar baby

Female, Bisexual, New York

Chillin and ready for spices with a special one

Pay per meet (PPM) Dinner
What is PPM?

What is PPM?

Pay per meet. Where every date is payday.

PPM stands for 'pay per meet'. It's a term often used within the context of sugar dating (otherwise known as 'sugaring'). When somebody wants a PPM sugar arrangement, it means that they want to pay or be paid for each date that they have, rather than being paid a larger monthly sum. PPM meets are typically used for more casual sugar arrangements, whereas a monthly arrangement is usually put in place when the relationship is more long-term. 

What makes it hot?

PPM is beneficial in the sense that payment is straight-forward and immediate. There's no time-wasted, and the transactional element of the interaction hides behind nothing, creating a more honest, no-frills experience. 

Open communication is essential. Clearly discuss expectations, boundaries, and financial terms before engaging in any encounters. This helps ensure a consensual and mutually satisfying experience.






Prioritise safety by meeting in public places initially, sharing information responsibly, and trusting your instincts. Regular communication and setting clear expectations contribute to a safer and more positive experience for all parties involved.

While the primary nature is transactional, emotional connections can develop over time. Clear communication about the nature of the relationship and expectations is crucial to avoid misunderstandings.


Arrange previously: Agree on an amount of money before meeting.

Money first: Pay at the start of the date.

Try it long-term: Consider a monthly allowance once you have built a trusting rapport.



Deceit: Don't make false promises.

Aggression: Don't be aggressive when agreeing on money.

Push it: Don't disrespect the boundaries of the person you pay.